These days the top story of some of the worlds most important news media states, Now that a general agreement has been reached on the nuclear issue between Iran and the P5+1, international investors are lining up behind Irans closed doors, ready to enter this countrys market. Once Irans doors open to international financial activities millions, or maybe billions of dollars will flow into the country  Economic players in Iran are waiting with open arms for international investors. The segment that will experience the most growth in the shortest time span will be Irans financial industry and capital market. Banks that have suffered from sanctions will rapidly grow as soon as limitations are removed. This will have a significant effect on the country.

Tehran stock exchange enjoyed low average P/E ratio countries because of various risks inside Iran and high interest rate on deposits. The average P/E ratio at the moment is around 5.0x comparing to ADX: 21.3x, KSA: 16.0x, Egypt: 20.7x.

Iran however, has huge economic potential. There are many opportunities in every field, waiting to be brought to life by investments. This report attempts to provide a cursory glance at Iran and its potentials, so you can view Iran from a different economic perspective. We will show you unique opportunities with the goal of introducing you to investment opportunities with higher potentials and better futures compared to other options.

Welcome to Irans capital market. Here you will find a synopsis of Irans growing industries. Most of Irans successful businesses and companies are present in the capital market. By investing in Irans capital market you will gain access to every business in Iran. Irans capital market will make your access to Irans economic potentials easier and quicker.

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