Iran with several types of mineral and strategic resources, has almost 3 percent of world’s known mineral reserves. One of the most important exhibitions of mining and mineral industry around the world is being held during November every year in Tehran.

The 13th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery & Vehicles, Mining, Building Material Machines and Natural Stone Industry which is being held during 4th-7th November in Tehran is an appropriate opportunity for investors who are seeking attractive opportunities in Iran and also to collaborate with major mining companies worldwide.

Mining sector is always among industries with lots of potentials for foreign investors and since JCPOA the number of countries which collaborate and participate in Iran`s trade fairs such as IranConMin has raised significantly. Post- JCPOA conditions is the best opportunity for those who are active in mining sectors specially for Iranian companies in order to introduce their capabilities to the world. One of the objectives of the IranConMin fair is to provide suitable opportunities for B2B meetings and for Iranian companies to negotiate with foreign companies active in this sector and choose their international counterparts to collaborate in different fields such as investment in their development plans. Mining sector is considered as industry’s economic engine therefore in the case of accurate and smart planning the mining sector would flourish if this sector become able to take advantage of better relations with other countries.

Available groups which are at IranConMin are as follows:

  • Several types of mines
  • Mining equipment and accessories
  • Excavators
  • Road machinery
  • Construction machinery, equipment and suppliers
  • Machinery for excavation and maintenance of tunnels
  • Types of drilling machinery
  • Ore Mining and Processing Equipment and Machinery
  • Equipment for transferring minerals
  • mineral exploration equipment
  • Equipment for melting and extraction of metals
  • Construction and Decorative stones
  • Precious stones
  • Mine and environment
  • Mine ventilation systems
  • Mine’s data processing systems
  • New technologies in mining industry
  • Explosives devices
  • Mine’s power supply systems
  • Drainage and water supply of underground mines
  • Types of compressors and pumps
  • Mineral Laboratory equipment
  • Safety and health equipment for mines
  • Mine maintenance equipment
  • Mining Contractors and contractors
  • Road and construction contractors
  • Mining design, services, development, research and technology in the mining sector
  • Investment opportunities in the mining sector
  • Shipping and transportation in the mining sector
  • The insurance sector in the mining industry
  • Research and development organizations in mine’s sector

The results of the 10th exhibition which held in 2014 were unsurpassed, and we are pleased with this result,” said Peter Berglert, managing director of the German company IMAG who has co-hosted the International fair with Iran. “European and Asian companies are very interested in attending in Iran’s fair to display their mineral products and start cooperation with Iran” he continued. “Iran has a strong and old market in the world, especially in the mineral sector,” he added. At the 2014 exhibition, 44% of the participants at the IranConMin exhibition came from different countries such as Germany, Italy and China at their head. ”

Dr. Karbassian, chairman of the board of directors at Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization(IMIDRO), in an interview with the Donya-e-eghtesad newspaper pointed out the importance of exhibitions like this.

Identifying Iran’s mineral capacities and facilities is important, meaning that necessary investments must be made and their development plans should be on the agenda, he declared. Another important point is that the holding of such exhibitions can help manufacturers learn about the latest technologies and particularly, knowledge-based companies can offer their facilities. In addition, cooperation with such companies can increase efficiency and productivity in mine’s sector.

Slogan of this exhibition is ‘’Iran, Paradise of Mine Investors’’. Given the conditions since JCPOA, such exhibitions are great opportunities for foreign investors to get acquainted with diverse and profitable options and choose Iran as their investment destination.