Barkat Pharmed Co. is one of the largest pharmaceutical holding companies with more than 20 subsidiaries and with acquiring 14 percent of the country`s total pharmaceutical market almost produces 450 different products through its subsidiaries. The contribution to the development of social justice, and increasing accessibility of the deprived people to up to date health care products through the production of drugs with affordable prices and active presence in regional and worldwide markets especially in Islamic Countries are among the company’s goals.

The subsidiaries of Barkat Pharmaceuticals Holding Company are operating in the fields of developing and transferring technical knowledge, commercialization of new technologies and drug manufacturing (ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients to finished products, business services, export, import and distribution).

As an important factor, in order to follow the world latest standards in manufacturing pharmaceutical products and exporting capability to the region, the company has always considered the requirements to implement and comply with pharmaceutical standards such as the FDA, WHO, EMEA, cGMPs and PIC/S, in its projects and facilities and products of subsidiaries.

Barkat’s subsidiaries will be reviewed in the following briefly:

Alborz Investments Group:

With more than 5 decades of activity, this group has been listed in Tehran Stock Exchange as the first holding. This holding, itself with almost 10 subsidiaries work in different fields from ingredients to finished medical products.

Its subsidiaries are: Alborz Distribution, Toliddarou, Etela Alborz, Sobhan Group, Alborz Bulk, Alborz Darou, Sobhan Darou, Sobhan Oncology, Iran Daru, K.B.C.

In the table below, the key points for each of these subsidiaries has been listed:

Subsidary Description
Alborz Distribution The first distribution company that has been listed in Tehran Stock Exchange in 2012
Toliddarou Biggest manufacturer of hospital-grade disinfectants in the country
Etela Alborz Invest heavily in pharmaceutical products
Alborz Bulk Provide raw materials and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
Alborz Darou The largest manufacturer of cardiac medication in Iran
Sobhan Darou One of the most prestigious psychiatric medication manufacturers in Iran
Sobhan Oncology First manufacturer of anti-cancer drugs in the Middle East
Iran Daru Manufacturing medicines including complementary medicines, vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant drugs, and general medicine
K.B.C One of the largest pharmaceutical products importing companies

Alborz Investments Group has several foreign business partners such as Sanofi, Swiss Eli Lilly, Roche, Novo Nordisk Co. and etc. Furthermore, it has two partnership projects with Salehanchemipharma Co. and Alborz Zagros. Alborz Invest Group is aimed to produce hazardous medicines under the license of Merck with Alborz Zagros.

Barakat Pharmaceutical Industrial Town

The Barakat Pharmaceutical Industrial Zone is going to be constructed on a 176 hectares’ land near Kordan in Alborz Province which is 60km away from Tehran. This site is designed by international consultants and based on the latest standards of the world’s pharmaceutical-industrial cities. The town is aimed to be a special economic zone and is passing final approval procedures in parliament. Several companies such as Novo Nordisk, Vitabiotics and some other Iranian companies bought land in this town and more than 45 companies are in the waiting list to buy land in this area in order  to expand their business in Iran. Barkat Pharmed Co. has other investment projects including Shifa Phrmed Co (Providing biotechnology equipment and implementing Penicillin G project on an industrial scale and etc.), Ati Pharmed Co. (a joint venture between Barakat Pharmed Company and Swiss Stragen Healthcare Group. They aim to manufacture oral hormonal products based on European principals and standards), Cell tech Pharmed Co. (the Cellular-Molecular and cell therapy project using scientific and research capacity of Royan Institute), Biosun Pharmed Co. (produce strategic and vital biotechnological products) and Herbi Pharmed Co. (producing herbal products).

In a nutshell, Barkat Pharmed Co. with a capital of 340 billion Rials has been listed in Tehran Stock Exchange and is ready to be traded in a few next days. Based on the diseases trend in the world, pharmaceutical industry has lots of potentials to grow and here in Iran according to the information we provided above, Barkat Pharmed Co. is an investment opportunity that is worth to consider.