Industry Overview: Medicine due to its effect on human’s health, plays a crucial role in today’s business. Being active in this industry is one of the development’s criterion for countries. Pharmaceutical industry needs more R&D and investment than other industries in order to make innovation. If we look at this industry as a strategic one, it can have significant advantages for the national economy. There are some big pharmaceutical companies in Iran such as Alborz Darou Co, Sobhan Darou, Zahravi, Osveh, Farabi, Pars Co and some others which produce different groups of medicine such as Cardiovascular, Immunosuppressant, Urological, Antibacterial, Corticosteroids, Antidiabetics, Gastrointestinal Drugs and many other groups. Almost every company has a special field for itself. For example, Zahravi Co. Produces medicines for specific diseases such as Kopamer Syringe for M.S patients or Temad Co. produces materials for Darou Pakhsh Co. The main buyers of medicines are government, hospitals and drug stores. pharmaceutical industry