Iran is the must visit place of our time today because of so many distinctive and unexplored aspects of the country. These aspects include a unique and lengthy history with so many heterogeneous colorful cultures, extensive manmade and natural attractions and a market that is an untouched domain just about to expose itself to the rest of the world with endless business opportunities.

Iranian history dates back to the beginning of the mankind’s civilization. The remains of the former Persia today offers breathtaking sites such as Persepolis, amazing architecture styles of different eras and also cities such as Yazd that is said that it was the very first city ever built dating 7000 years back. Iran,  today is formed from several different cultures and ethnic groups from Nomads to Kurds and Turks who preserve their own ethnical identities and speak different languages while are united and live peacefully together with a proud Iranian identity. People of Iran are very kind-hearted, hospitable and ready to open up and befriend the rest of the world.

As Iran is a four season country and because of its unique geographical location and its large-size land area there are so much natural attractions that remain a must see in Iran. Iran is located next to the largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea,  up north and next to the Persian Golf down south with so many fascinating Islands that have magnificent sites, nature and culture. The highest peak in the middle east and the highest volcano in Asia, Damavand, is located on the Alborz mountain chain in Iran. Iran has 22 fabulous ski slopes and resorts and a few of them are about only an hour drive from Tehran. The desert nature and life in Iran is breathtaking and the desert architecture is outstanding. Also the lush forests of up north with a varied wild life are thrilling and great to explore. These wide ranges of natural attractions also provide the opportunity for many leisure as well as sportive and adventurous activities such as skiing, scuba diving and desert safaris, bird watching and fishing.

Iran is a rich country with so many high potentials and great natural and human resources. Iran’s economy has remained an untouched domain as a result of the heavy sanctions excluding Iran from the rest of the world for so many years. Now the sanctions have lifted and Iran that is a gas and oil rich country with sixty percent of the population under the age 35 is just waiting to open up an amazing market to the world.

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