Iron (Fe) is one of the most plentiful element in the world, this element contains 5 percent of the Earth’s crust. It is most plentiful element after oxygen, silicon and aluminum, it is also second abundant and widely distributed metal after aluminum. Iron plays an important role in modern civilization and there is always a need for iron to build a construction, a bridge and etc.

World most abundant elements:

Element AbundancePercent by weight AbundanceParts Per million by weight
Oxygen 46.1% 461,000
Silicon 28.2% 282,000
Aluminum 8.23% 82,300
Iron 5.63% 56,300
Calcium 4.15% 41,500

Iron ore is a mineral substance which, when heated in the presence of a reluctant, will yield metallic iron (Fe). Iron ore is part of our everyday lives and our modern world would look completely different without it. 98% of world iron ore is used to make steel, which accounts for over 90% of all metals used in the world. Steel is used in building for so many things, from cars, trains and ships through to the high rise buildings in our cities and the bridges that connect us. Steel is used to create pipes, cars, ships, engines, roofs, nails, nuts, bolts, tools, machinery, in building & construction, to make white goods, in manufacturing, food cans and much more.

List of Top 10 Countries by Iron Ore Production (according to USGS):

Rank Country Iron Ore Production (Million tons)
1 China 1,500
2 Australia 660
3 Brazil 320
4 India 150
5 Russia 105
6 Ukraine 82
7 South Africa 78
8 United States 58
9 Iran 45
10 Canada 41


There are More than 50 countries around the world produce iron ore for both domestic use and export market these countries produced more than 3,220,000 thousand tons in 2014. Iran is 9th largest iron ore manufacturer in the world and 3rd in Asia after China and India which produced more than 45,000 thousand tons in 2014.

List of top 10 Countries by Iron Ore Reserve base on Crude Ore (according to USGS):

Rank Country Iron Ore Reserve (Million tons)
1 Australia 53,000
2 Brazil 31,000
3 Russia 25,000
4 China 23,000
5 India 8,100
6 United States 6,900
7 Ukraine 6,500
8 Canada 6,300
9 Sweden 3,500
10 Iran 2,500


It is estimated that world’s total reserves are more than 190,000 million tons.