Once in office, Donald Trump started to sign executive orders as a showman being praised by people around clapping for him as: “Oh what a perfect effective president we have, he is really making decisions as fast as possible”. “Okay buddies we are going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it! We ban entering into the US people from six nations, sorry seven, for 30 days, sorry 90 days, even if they have valid US visa or maybe green card!

Many around the US and the world showing disapproval and protesting against these decisions while many people from those seven nations are shocked by being ignored when they wanted to enter into US borders. This could be nothing but a show although many would be negatively affected by its brutality. Protesters all around US airports and big cities have been showing their strong distaste against the move by someone they don’t want to call it their president. Not even a single notable country around the world has endorsed these decisions although many have yet to condemn it in public.

News and media all around the world, except those related to radicals in all sides, and especially US liberal media denounce the act by most impolite vocabulary they can muster. They are asserting on two things first is that this act is inhumane, not compatible with values accepted all around the developed countries and sounds fascism cometh. The second assertions is that not a single person from these seven countries committed any act of terror in US, but people from other nationalities nowhere to be found as banned from entering US, are well convicted.

What is happening is not normal and might be considered too strange to be true but it is real. The reaction from Iranian Foreign Ministry has been clever and decisive though, proclaiming that we are not like them disregarding our own official issuances and holders of any type of valid Iranian visa are welcome to the country. Widespread notifications all around official and unofficial media are insisting on the fact that Iranians never ever have been in charge for terrorism attacks and this has been a long-forgotten fact in public opinion as in case of whatever terror attack, it is inclined to criticize Iran as the first name coming to mind instead of actual terrorist generating states.

The point is that there is an administration not like what we used to have in the US even in comparison with Bush’s. It is not a warmongering neocon but a populist juggernaut established on the anger of many resenting the establishment who advocate closing their borders to immigrants; since they see they are incompetent in current era whether any real competition is in place. They think by having a president banning entry to US and enclosing borders they would be able to live like 60s and 70s in a townhouse with an eight cylinder Chevrolet in the garage. They are wrong because time is moving forward not backward.

However, these people want this president and there is one good thing about it. Donald Trump acts only to appease his support base and they are not in favor of interventionism of any kind, they want to live in their home country not letting anybody in. This means the president, although may ban issuing visas of any kind for all Iranians which itself is a bad thing, has no incentive to stir up worldwide objection by annulling the nuclear deal or to initiate a costly war since these would have no positive effect on his voting base and for a businessman paying a price for something without return may not seem smart.