According to Important position of transportation Industry in human daily life, this industry assumed to be one of the development indices in every country. Transportation industry divided into air transport, ground transport and ship transport.

Transportation in Iran

According to critical role of Iran in terms of geopolitical and strategic position, transportation has been faced fundamental changes over years. Increase in population and dispersion in transportation`s infrastructure in addition to necessity of increase in speed of transferring goods, productivity and saving time leads to establishment of an integrated system for transporting good and commodities.

Ground transport

The major transit corridor in Iran are north-south and east-west.

North-South transportation corridor in Iran: these major roads connect Bandar Abbas port in south to Amir Abad and Anzali ports in north of Iran, in addition Chabahar, Lengeh, Booshehr and Imam Khomeini Ports have great potentials to be developed in this corridor.

East-West transportation corridor in Iran: This direction starts from Sarakhs City which is located in northeast of Iran and prolong to Bazargan in northwest. This corridor has been replaced Silk Road and connects far east to Europe from central Asia, Iran and Turkey.

Imam Khomeini – Shalamcheh – Iraq transit road: Because of some problems which has caused by the war in Iraq, this country’s ports aren’t able to operate, therefore ports of Iran such as Imam Khomeini and Khoramshahr, have become the main hub for transferring goods to  Iraq.

Chabahar – Milk – Farah – Kandahar – Kabul – kenos – Termez – Central Asia transit road: This road has a great potential for transferring essential goods to Afghanistan. In addition, Afghanistan could export its productions to countries in Central Asia using this road.


Advantages of transiting goods through Iran

  • Shortening distances by using Iran’s road
  • Using polyhedral transportation
  • Connecting north of Iran to South via railway
  • Enjoyment of biggest sea fleet in the Middle East
  • Connecting north of Iran to South via road
  • Low tax rate
  • Low security risk compare to Iran’s eastern and western neighbors
  • Enjoyment of Chabahar port as the only ocean port in Middle
  • East
  • Availability to entering trucks with any standard into Iran’s Road

Disadvantages of transiting goods through Iran

  • Lack of attention to content of loading bill
  • Weakness in electronical loading bill which leads to hours of waiting in points of departure
  • Non-standard roads
  • Lack of nationwide highways
  • Lack of up to date air fleet
  • Lack of standard accommodation for drivers
  • Dissociation in Iran’s rail fleet
  • Lack of standard rail fleet
  • Higher ships’ fuel cost compare to other Middle East countries.