Transformer manufacturing industry in Iran is now 50 years old. Iran-Transfo founded in Rey as the first company with a modest production of 106 distribution transformers in 1968 and now is the leading manufacturer of distribution and power transformer in the Middle East region. Other local manufacturers emerged including NirooTransfo (1976, distribution transformers), Niroo Trans (1990, instrument transformers), Kian Transfo (2013, 3D wound core distribution transformers) and Aria Transfo (2016). The latter is now the second Manufacturer of power transformers in Iran, capable of manufacturing 550 MVA and 420 KV transformers.

Although these transformer manufacturers (mostly Iran Transfo) managed to export $52,895,000 in 2015 (83% were exported to Syria) but if all these companies start production with full production capacity, they cannot meet the growing demand for transformers inside Iran.

Germany’s Siemens is negotiating with Iran for possible cooperation in manufacturing power transformers in the country. If they reach to an agreement,

a power transformer manufacturing plant will be constructed jointly in order to manufacture electrical equipment in Iran under the company’s license.

The market is mainly dominated by TAVANIR and subsidiary power distribution companies which are considered as the sole costumer for all type of products.

According to 5th Development Plan of Iran, TAVANIR and companies affiliated to the ministry of energy are permitted to sign guaranteed and long-term contracts for the purpose of purchasing electricity which implies the support of government for those manufacturing companies.

During last Iranian calendar year (1395), the country’s electricity production capacity has reached 74,000 MW. The government has targeted to boost electricity generation to more than 100,000 MW within the framework of the 6th Five-Year National Development Plan (2016-2021).

The average rate of growth for power generating in Iran in the past 10 year is about 6.1 on yearly basis. Table below shows the trend for power generation capacity in Iran.


At the moment, major active companies including Iran Transfo, Kian Transfo, Niroo Transfo, Aria Transfo and their subsidiaries are manufacturing wide range of transformers, supplying new technology to distribution transformers.

The products including distribution transformer, reactors, special transformers, power transformers, categorized as below:

  • Distribution transformer: hermetically sealed, cast resin dry-type, oil immersed;
  • Reactors: neutral earthing reactor, series reactor, shunt reactor;
  • Special transformers: rectifier, mobile, furnace
  • Power transformers: earthing transformers, generator step-up transformers, dual voltage transformer;

And other productions include transformer accessories, porcelain insulators, insulation materials, high voltage substations, distribution substations.

The table below shows the amount of sales for Iran-Transfo company as leading manufacturer in Iran.


Niroo Transfo products include current transformers, voltage transformers, condenser bushings and other accessories in various types.

Table below shows the sales amount for two last years.


It is believed that rapid growth and increasingly demand for energy and electricity in Iran will accelerate need for expansion and development of all manufacturers, as sustainable energy system has been considered as an infrastructure in industrial societies. Besides the supportive measurements of Iran’s government and restrictive rules of import are reasons for development of the domestic manufacturers in the industry. Finally need for renewing current power distribution system with the age of 20 years will be another challenge for power grid in coming years, the criteria that transformer manufacturers will take advantage of it.