5 different periods of Tile and Ceramic Industry since its launch till now in Iran:

  • 1957 to 1978: It was the time that there was a huge change in people’s consumption and production pattern as well as changes in style of architecture in construction industry. In fact, that`s why most of tile and ceramic factories had been constructed at that time.
  • 1978 to 1988: After revolution of Iran, the new government planned to develop domestic production and reach to self-sufficiency by reducing the dependency of this industry to other countries.
  • 1988 to 1999: It was the time that the war between Iran and Iraq was finished after 8 years and thus it was necessary to focus on tile and ceramic industry in order to reconstruct the ruins caused by the war. It was shown by the statistics that the annual gross rate of this industry was around 8.2% during the mentioned period of time.
  • 1999 to 2009: In this duration, the government started to run the 3rd and 4th economic and social development plans and also Iranian banks provided more funding to their clients, therefore Iran reached to the 4th rank in producing tile and ceramic in the world.
  • 2009 till now: Nowadays, this industry is experiencing depression and it is mostly because of the current unfavorable condition in construction industry in Iran. Unfortunately, the production of some companies has been decreased over the period. According to Tasnim News Agency, most of the companies in this industry just produce maximum half of their real capacity at present.


Although neighbor countries such as Iraq and Syria could be good potential markets for exporting of construction materials, Iranian companies lost their market share because of the low quality of their products and also some of political problems in those countries.

The other important weakness of producing tile and ceramic in Iran is the lack of innovation in designing.

Two major advantages of the Industry in Iran:

Access to good raw materials in Iran and available potential markets in nearby countries.


Top 3 companies based on current market value:

Alvand Tile

Sina Tile

Pars Tile