Soft drinks among drinks have a great share of market and also in food’s market. Soft drink is a drink that typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener and a natural or artificial flavoring.
Carbonates still accounts for a considerable proportion of volume sales of soft drinks in Iran. Only a decade ago, the consumption of soft drinks was limited to carbonates in Iran, and other categories had a very limited presence, due to a lack of awareness amongst consumers. This trend has been changed significantly in recent years, with the introduction of new categories such as juice, mineral water and energy drinks. In spite of stagnation for carbonates in recent years because of the negative press regarding the potential side-effects of such products, the whole soft drinks market is recording a rapid improvement, which is linked to changes in consumer’s behavior. Other categories such as juice, energy drinks and concentrates are gradually becoming popular in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.
According to last report from Ministry of industry, mine and Trade, 132 companies are active in 26 cities of Iran and they have 18,000 direct employees and 50,000 indirect employees. Nominal Capacity of these firms are about 4.3 billion litters, but in Iran, 2 Billion liters per a year are produced, which means these companies can supply more. Low costs for production and raw materials in Iran compared with neighbor countries has made it hard for imported brands to compete with domestic alternatives.
The world largest consumption of soft drink is USA with an average consumption per person is 192 litters in a year, while consumption per person around the world is about 100 liters per year. In Iran, consumption per person is 42 litters, totally in Iran consumption of soft drink in a year is approximately 2.9 billion litters.
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In last two decades number of companies in this industry has become around 110 and some companies which they had license of Coca-Cola could import Coca-Cola Essence. Nowadays, the rest of the soft drinks market is led by domestic manufacturers, such as Alifard, Takdaneh ,ZamZam , Behnoush. Each firm’s profit per a year is about 1400 billion Rials. In 2012, 18,000 Ton soft drinks and 125 Ton essence were exported which the revenue was about 9,310,000 $ and the main country for export was Iraq.