There are lots of tourists traveling to and visiting Iran each year due to ancient and natural attractions located in this country. According to UNWTO (World Trade Organization) statistics, tourism industry in Iran is ranked 10th in historical and ancient attractions. Iran has also got the 5th rank in natural attractions among the countries worldwide.

Hoteling industry in Iran has an old history with great experience. There are more than 1,100 hotels providing guests with services in Iran. Among them there are 29 hotels which are five stars ranked and about 75 four star graded hotels. These hotels are in main cities of Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Kerman, Mashhad, Kish and Qeshm. Also, the most expensive and top hotels are in Tehran, Kish and Isfahan.

Recently after nuclear deal, by lifting sanctions and as a consequence, providing potential opportunities in order to make profit, there are lots of foreign investors and business owners who are interested in Iran’s economic opportunities. Moreover, many traveler around the world are interested in Iran’s profitable opportunities so in order to be host for travelers, Iran should expand Hotel Industry.

On the other hand, because of tensions in Turkey and Middle East countries, visitor to Iran will increase drastically. Many investors as representative of businesses from other countries who are visiting Iran and investigating in the opportunities in order to participate in Iran’s markets. So, booking of hotels in Iran will potentially be increased. Also, Nowruz is a traditional holidays for Iran’s culture, through ancient years there were many tourists who came to Iran and visited the country’s natural attractions. In terms of Foreign Direct Investment, the government has also provided a series of incentives through the law on foreign investment in Iran under the name of Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA). By recent political and economic circumstances, all hotels in Tehran have been booked and there are no rooms left free anymore. This means that Iran’s tourism industry has potential to invest in.

Last but not least, in year 2016, tourism to Iran will outperform drastically, so there is an opportunity in order to observe a boost in this industry.