Online trading was launched for the first time on 4th July 2010 with a 16 million Tomans (around 16,000 USD) transaction on the shares of 7 listed companies, opening a new chapter in the Stock Exchange trading. By means of online trading, all operations that were performed by hand or by any interference of manpower either in traditional methods or web based method will now be performed mechanically and via safe telecom platforms in a fragment of a second. The most important feature of this method is its high speed in sending orders to the core of transactions.

Online trading is a huge development in stock trading at the stock Exchange Market that has brought about an easy and public access for capital market`s investors. Since December 2015, a new trading system known as JAMĀ was prepared and used by the directors of the capital market in order to provide the main setting for electronic stock trading and market development. This system, despite some flaws, has been well received by brokers and shareholders and correcting the existing flaws has been brought to the attention of the officials at the capital market during the past years and to this regard directors and experts of the Organization have travelled several times to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, France, etc during which a number of technical employees of the Stock Exchange Organization and the Securities and Exchange Technology Management Company have examined all hardware and software facilities at the Malaysian Stock Exchange so that by applying their experiences they can create a safe and flawless market for foreign and domestic investors in Iran.

By activating the online trading system of Securities Exchange market in the country, in addition to an increased in liquidation possibilities, basic elements of development and flourishing of the stock market will be provided for foreign and domestic clients. Presently, various companies such as Rayanhamafza, Tadbir, Asa, Farabixo, Sahra, etc are the providers at this sector which, considering the competition that has been created between them, they take advantage of better services every day. It is noteworthy that most of these systems provide services in both Farsi and English to foreign and domestic clients. In online stock trading, orders are sent to the trading system of the Tehran Securities and Exchange or to Farabourse for making the transactions after being registered by the investors and they can watch the data regarding symbols, indexes, and the first three orders for share trading and make his/her decision regarding the purchase or sale of a specific symbol. After purchasing the share of a specific symbol by the investor, that share becomes part of the assets of the investor which will be visible in his or her portfolio and when selling these shares, the investor can easily sell at the beginning of the trading day any number of his or her asset at the desired rate, and after registering the systematic demand, withdraw the sum from his or her back account after three working days.

Statistics related to online trading appears on the website of the Securities Exchange Organization and is accessible at the end of each month. These data have been shown for May 2016 the share of online trading compared to normal trading has been 34%, and when compared to preceding months, the ascending trend of these transactions becomes clear. According to the Tehran Stock Exchange public relations, published data by the data and information department of the Stock Exchange during the first month of 1395(20th March 2016-20th April 2016) , from 106 active brokers in the stock exchange, 100 brokers were active in online trading, which according to this report more than 33 percent of these transactions were performed in 5 brokerage firms.

Online Transactions in the last three months ending at May 2016
Volume (million shares) Share of total (%) Value (billion Rial) Share of total (%)
47.650 35.39 102.771 28.25




Online Transactions during 1394(Persian calendar start from 20th March 2015) divided by Month
Month (Persian Calendar) Volume (million Shares) Share of total trading volume (%) Value (billion Rials) Share of total trading value (%)
Farvardin 11.568 21 22.037 22.70
Ordibehesht 7.233 29.65 13.946 26.72
Khordad 5.058 29.65 8.642 26.72
Tir 10.550 27.07 18.366 23.76
Mordad 6.521 29.65 10.435 26.72
Shahrivar 6.172 24.86 9.288 15.64
Mehr 1.187 33.55 8.998 24.71
Aban 5.431 32.93 8.301 20.43
Azar 5.265 29.18 7.303 16.17
Dey 12.862 28.78 21.222 21.59
Bahman 28.616 28.30 55.801 25.81
Esfand 20.647 26.91 48.904 16.33