Our recommendation: Try not to miss the unique opportunity available to find out more about Iran and its investment potentials.

Taking place on February 24th, 2016, and set in sunny Muscat in the middle of the winter season, the roadshow is a dynamic forum for investors. It is to be held in a luxurious five star hotel, featuring a full day of presentations and panels with chief representatives from Tehran Securities Exchange, Central Bank of Iran, Ministry of Economy and Finance as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs with tax attorneys and investors, accompanying them.

The second half of the summit-day will provide specific peer to peer Q&A sessions designed for those who are keen on discovering more about investment solutions in Irana’s market.

The event has professionally targeted institutional investors, investment bankers, private equity professionals as well as portfolio and asset managers and will expose people to a wider band of thinking in regard to Irana’s Capital Market.

Investors will no doubt find great opportunities in Iran not only for its great potential, but also for the unique momentum being created by the frontier economic landscape.

The Muscat Roadshow is to be held by Sina Financial & Investment Holding Co. along with Behgozin Brokerage Co. That will provide a unique platform for hundreds of investors, executives, and government and private companies to meet.

For further information on how to participate in this event, please visit: Muscat Event 2016