Investors in order to make profit from markets worldwide, invest in countries which have good resources and a great return potential. Investment by foreign investors could be direct or in the form of tangible assets, properties, intangible assets such as goodwill and patent and other types of investment approved by the government.

In recent years, because of sanctions there were problems with transferring money or getting cash to Iran. In addition, investors feared high political risk in investing money, under those conditions. But lifting sanctions is cause for swift opening in Iran and facilitating laws for foreign investors.

In the Iranian capital market, there are rules for supporting foreign investors that have been established by the High Council of Stock market. These rules provide some facilities in order to guarantee investments.

On the other hand, tax laws around the world are among the most important factors in business and especially in investment. In Iran in order to encourage investors, some tax laws have been changed since sanction-relief.

The board of Tehran Security Exchange Organization, the board members of Tehran Stock Market and OTC of Iran stock market and some regulator professionals will be in Muscat On 24th February 2016 in order to give more detail about structure and regulation structure in Iran and they will have B2B meetings in order to answer most of the interested investors about Iran. Moreover, Taxation lawyers will advise participants on tax laws and all relevant issues for investing in Iran. If you are interested in investing in Iran and you want to pioneer in the last frontier market please do not hesitate to register in the Muscat event and learn more about vast opportunities available for investment.