Last week President Rouhani introduced Masoud Karbasian as the minister of economic affairs and finance to the parliament of Iran, who is proceeded by Ali Tayebnia. Masoud Karbasian is an Iranian economist who currently serves as a vice minister of finance, heading Iran’s Customs Administration. He is described as a “technocrat”. Karbasian holds a Ph.D. in commercial management and has served as a vice minister for heavy industriespetroleum and commerce  ministries. In this article we take an overview to his plans for obtaining minister’s office.

In Karbasian’s plans, it is mentioned that a fair outlook to social and people oriented economic is the main economical procedure for 12th government. The government believes that social justice has come from producing wealth and its optimum distribution. It should be noticed that the economy growth cannot continue to raise based on injecting oil’s revenues to the economy and a government related economy, but it could be improved by increasing productivity, anti-corruption, creating transparency, improving business environment and moving toward knowledge based economy.

Moreover, there is a section in this plan called pathology of Iran’s economic problems that mentioned problems in Iran’s economy can be divided into 2 main clusters. First cluster is Structural-Historical problems which is from the past, including affiliation of government budget to the unstable revenues of exporting crude oil, a government based economy in the most sectors, lack of transparency and injustice availability of resources and overcoming political considerations to the cconomical calculations.

Masoud Karbasian put the most important notice in his plan into the strengthening private sector, improving business environment and strengthening competition, reinforcement of foreign economic relations, participate in improving social justice, improving productivity and cope against wastage of resources, making a comprehensive transparency in all sectors in a “Glass Room”, participate in correction of government’s revenues and costs structure, participate in correction of pension’s funds system, playing role in protection and strengthening of monetary system and revision of banking system.

At the end of this plan, it is claimed that Iran’s economy coming back from the edge and now is in progress road. Following this pattern needs moderation in economy, moderation in progress and justice, following the rules of “perseverance economy” and connects to the international economy, strengthening private sectors and scientific policy making, strategic discipline and perusing structure and corporation’s repair.

The economic activists in Iran believe that after rational stabilization of economic factors in the last government, it is the time for economic boom in Iran and Masoud Karbasian is a good choice for this plan regarding his experiences in different sectors of Iran’s economy.