About 4 years ago, Iran was under some severe sanctions designed by United States and European Union which had been disabled main parts of country’s economy. President Rouhani won the presidential election in 2013 with a promise of removing sanctions imposed on Iran and improve relationships with countries around the world. Following his promise, Iran has reached an agreement with P5+1 about Iran’s nuclear program which called JCPOA. After this deal, Iranian government started to rebuild the foundation and structure of both foreign relationship and economy to guide the country to the objected prospect. Now and by the starting of new government’s actions, there should be an augmented plan for next 4 years to aid country accomplish its goals.

There are many priorities in foreign affairs ministry, which is held by Javad Zarif, but the focus should be on 2 very important priorities: Improve the relationships with neighbors and starting economical diplomacy. Regarding to the past 2 years, Iran enter a crisis in its relationships with neighbors, especially Saudi Arabia, which cause a lots of problems for both sides. This should be solved by entering a deal which provide the both side’s interests. Moreover, Ministry of Foreign Affairs should start its economic activities to pick the real results of the JCPOA: Directing foreign investment to Iran in order to guide the economy to what is promised by the government. These 2 priorities are actually in the same direction and in some kinds of cause and result relationships, because without improving the relations with the neighbors, Iran lost many of its potential investors, and in addition, creating an economical diplomacy leads the countries to decide on their financial profits, not based on some political stinging.

In order to doing these, foreign affairs ministry should restructure its chart and starting an economical diplomacy deputy to strictly focus on this priority. This deputy should manage all of the economic affairs in all of Iran’s embassies around the world and setting up the main policies for them in order to facilitate the way for foreign investors to enter the Iran’s market. On the other hand, all the others ministry’s deputies like America, Europe, Arab, Africa and etc. should be centralized in a unite deputy calls political deputy, which take charges of all of the political actions around the world. In this deputy, a separate subdivision for “Neighbors Countries” should be established to rebuild and improve the relations with the neighbors.

To conclude, Iran is in post-JCPOA period of time and needs to benefits from economic aspects of removing sanctions. This cannot be done except by focusing on economical diplomacy and making enhancement with neighbors relations. If this policy is following correctly, which Mr. Zarif insists on it, there is no doubt that foreign investment flow will flourish and influence many aspects of Iran’s economy.