Iran has huge economic potential. There are many opportunities in every field, waiting to be brought to life by investments.

Economic Reform

  • USD 20 bn invested in oil and gas industries by private and foreign investors
  • Improvements in the countrys healthcare system
  • Development of international relations
  • Uniform valuation of foreign currency by the government

Widespread Privatization

  • 80% of the governments holding must be transferred to the private sector according to constitution of Iran
  • 40% of this transfer will occur through justice shares
  • 40% of privatization will be through the Tehran Stock Exchange
  • The government will maintain 20% ownership according to constitution of Iran
  • The value of the governments holdings is USD 120 bn.
  • 63% of this amount has been privatized over the past 5 years
  • Completing the process of privatization will reduce the governments share in production from 80% to 40%
  • Advantages of investment laws

Guarantees and Support

  • Guaranteed payment of damages in case of nationalization and elimination of private ownership based on foreign investment promotion and protection act
  • Compensation of losses occurred due to discontinuity or void of agreements with international investors, in case of passage of laws or decisions made by the government
  • Guaranteed purchase or production of items required for foreign investment plans, when the government is the sole purchaser or provider of the said item at discounted rates

Legal Aspects and Facilities

  • Equal rights, support, and facilities will apply to both foreign and domestic investors
  • Free transfer of initial investment and revenues from investment in the form of currency or commodities
  • Possibility of 100% international investment in investment plans and all areas of production e.g. industry and agriculture, transportation, services, natural gas, energy and etc
  • Settlement of disputes in international courts
  • Possibility for the companys (registered in Iran) ownership of land in joint investments
  • 3-year residency permits for international investors, principals, specialists, and their immediate families, with possibility of renewal
  • Decisions will be made on foreign investment requests within 45 days(details are given in figure 4-1)
  • Different investment options on plans such as foreign direct investment, or various contractual agreements such as buy-backs or civil partnerships by the investor
  • Possibility of Iranian natural or legal persons to invest using funds from foreign sources, and taking advantage of facilities or legal rights intended for encouraging foreign investors