Step 1: The documents, which include two copies of the declaration, two volumes of the statute, two copies of the minutes of the General Assembly of founders, two copies of the board minutes, bank certificate of the payment of at least 35% of the initial capital, a copy of ID documents of shareholders and inspectors, must be submitted to the Company Registration General Office. The one who submits the documents, will be given a receipt carrying a date to come over and receive the reply.

Step 2: If the documents are valid and correct, the Office will prepare an ad draft to be published on an official newspaper. The draft must be confirmed by the Office authorities and then be ready to be delivered. Before getting the draft, you should pay the registration fee at a bank. The registration fee is stated on the declaration.

Step 3: After you pay the registration fee you need to go to the accounting department of the Office to get your declaration stamped.

Step 4: The documents should be submitted to the registration department of the Office, where staff would register your company in the books and provide you with a registration code, which would be written in your declaration. Then you, as a shareholder or a corporate lawyer, should sign in the books and receive the ad typed on a letter signed by the head of the Office. A copy of all your documents will be stored in the Office and another copy of the declaration, statute, minutes of the General Assembly of the founders, and minute of the board of directors will be given to the applicant. All documents should be stamped by the Office. The applicant should take the documents to the secretary to get their ad registered in the books and receive a receipt.

Step 5: The applicant will bring the receipt to the PR department of the office to get the ad published in an official newspaper. The applicant should also submit a copy of the typed ad to the Jomhouri Eslami newspaper office located on Beheshti Street and pay the publishing fee.


Private Joint Stock Company