As mentioned in the last article, Household Economic Survey(HES) report interprets the average family’s expenditure and its revenue during a year. HES in Iran Part 1 could be found in Household Economic Survey in Iran (Part 1):

In this article, we will discuss about residency and employment in the sample.



According to residence`s statistics, about 65 percent of Iran’s population lives in their own houses, 25 percent lives in rental houses, about 1 percent lives in the houses provided by their organizations and about 9 percent lives in free houses. The statistics of residence in Iran from 2007 to 2016 have been demonstrated in the table below:



According to the results of this investigation, about 3 percent of sample families lives in single room houses, 30 percent lives in two rooms houses, 47 percent lives in three rooms houses, 15 percent lives in four rooms houses and about 5 percent lives in five rooms and more houses.




The result of investigation of people aged 6 years old or more in the sample families shows that about 30 percent of family members are employed, about 5 percent are unemployed, about 12 percent of family members have revenue but they don’t have a job and, 21 percent are student, 27 percent are housewives and about 4 percent are in other groups. The following table shows employment statistics from 2007 to 2016.