The 10 th International Finance Industry and Investment Exhibition (FINEX) which was held in Tehran, Iran (15th-18th April 2017) is the largest gathering of its kind in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. The biggest players in the financial sector come together to showcase the newest products and services and the latest financial tools available before they are presented to the rest of the public. This exhibition is a great opportunity for building business networks between banks, insurance companies, brokerages and even start-ups to show visitors how they can improve their investment decision making skills.

Over 280 companies participated in the event, some of which were foreign participants, with the main objective of increasing social awareness about the finance industry and familiarizing the general public with the various services that are provided by banks, insurance companies and other financial companies. Ernst & Young and Deloitte were amongst foreign participants. To give a better understanding of the vastness of this industry, specifically foreign investment in the Iranian capital stood at 870 billion Rials ($23.1 million) during the period President Rouhani took office as quoted by Mr. Ali Tayyebnia, the Finance and Economic Affairs Minister. This figure however had a 1,328 percent increase since then at the end of the Iranian calendar year 1395, reaching 12.53 trillion Rials (approximately $333.1 million). These figures are great indicators that foreign investments are growing exponentially and still there is a huge potential available for investors who are seeking for attractive investment opportunities especially with doors now open to international trade after JCPOA.


Among the organizations visible during this event were How to Invest in Iran, a sister company to Behgozin Brokerage Co. which was established in 1994 as a private joint company which was subsequently registered as the first brokerage firm in Iran’s capital market in 2005 under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Organization. Behgozin offers its services in 4 different branches around Iran with priorities in: trade of securities such as stock, sukuk (Islamic bonds) and rights on behalf of clients or with their own accounts; and the marketing of listed securities. Currently the company’s capital is about $7.5 million positioning the company among the top 5 brokerages in the country (in terms of trades value). In 2016, Behgozin launched a professional website for foreign investors willing to (or wanting to learn more about) invest in Iran ( which was followed by the biggest roadshow in Muscat to attract international investors in the form of an event at Al Bustan Palace. Since then, the How to invest in Iran blog has become one of main sources of information for anyone enquiring about Iran’s various industries.


Attendees of the event were subjected to the various services offered by Behgozin Brokerage/How to Invest in Iran, some of which included information about the advantages of Investment funds; such as the benefits having a professional management team, diversification, as well as decreased investment prices, and stock liquidity. Attendees will be informed of the risks associated with investing in capital market such as stock price reduction and the best solutions for minimizing such risks by organizing a Stock Portfolio and preventing single stock purchases. Behgozin Brokerage has established a variety of funds for different risk appetite with due diligence and research ensuring the highest return on investment for their clients.

Currently Behgozin manages four different funds such as:

  • Sina Mutual Fund
  • “Moein Behgozin” Mutual Fund
  • Behgozin’s “Padash Sarmaye” Fixed Income Investment Fund
  • Sina Bank’s Dedicated Investment Fund (market making fund)

Behgozin will assess the client’s needs and based on their interests, will suggest the best option for them. Attendees also had the chance to partake in exciting activities like the wheel of fortune with a chance to win one of the funds available or the cash equivalent. Mr. Mohammad-Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister and the Central Bank Governor Valiollah Seif were among the number of officials that attended the first day of FINEX 2017.