According to central bank of Iran (CBI) release, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in urban areas increased 0.4 percent in Iranian month “Dey” and the index level reached to 232.6 which was 9.6 percent higher compared to the similar month of last Iranian year (1393).

The inflation rate has advanced 13.2 percent over the last twelve months.


Description Index Number in Dey 1394 (20th Jan 2016) Change compared to previous month %
General Index 232.6 0.4
Food and beverages 248.0 0.4
Tobacco 243.2 0.2
Clothing and footwear 294.8 0.3
Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels 184.1 0.5
Furnishings, household equipment and Routine household maintenance 272.6 0.4
Health 292.7 0.4
Transportation 243.1 0.3
Communication 135.1 0.0
Recreation and culture 274.6 0.6
Education 184.3 0.1
Restaurants and Hotels 273.7 0.6
Miscellaneous goods and services 292.0 1.0


The food and beverages index rose up 0.4 percent in Dey, largely due to the increases in the indices for root vegetables by 15.9 percent.

The index for tobacco turned up 0.2 percent in Dey, reflecting 0.3 percent increase in the index for imported cigarettes.

The clothing and footwear index increased 0.3 percent as a result of the increase in the indices for clothing materials and laundering wage.

During this month, the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels index went up 0.5 percent which was attributed to the advances of the indices for “rental equivalence of owner occupied houses” and “rent of residential houses” each by 0.5 percent.

The furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance index rose 0.4 percent. The main reason for increase in this group was household appliances which rose 1.3 percent.

The index for health increased 0.4 percent, mostly as a result of the increases in the indices for medical, paramedical and dental services by 0.5 percent.

The transport index went up 0.3 percent, largely due to the increases in the indices for maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment by 1.0 percent.

The index for communication was the only unchanged group in Dey.

The recreation and culture index increased 0.6 percent, largely due to the increases in the indices for package holidays by 1.4 percent.

The education index advanced 0.1 percent over this month, mostly as a result of the increase in the index for private schools and supplementary courses tuition fees by 0.3 percent.

The index for restaurants and hotels rose 0.6 percent, mainly due to the advances in the indices for accommodation services 1.4 percent.

The miscellaneous goods and services index increased 1.0 percent in this month. Increases in the indices for fees for personal care by 0.9 percent, and goldsmith wage 2.9 percent were the major reasons for this rise.

It is worthy to mention that controlling the inflation rate has been one of the major macroeconomic objectives of the government. It seems that the government has been succeeded regarding to keep inflation rate low during the last 2 years.


The Iranian year begins from March 21.