Computer is probably the most important invention in 20th century. Since its invention in 1946, Computers and other related devices play the most important role in all aspects of life, especially in different businesses. These businesses spread from teaching, military usages, trades, Internet to even small businesses and startups. Regarding to the increasing usage of computers and their subsidiaries such as different softwares, PSPs and etc. in Iran, there are several companies that offering services in these fields. In this article, we take a brief overview on computer sector on Tehran Stock Exchange and its listed companies to obtain an overview about this industry. First we take a look on registered companies in this sector and their general information:


Regarding to above table, Net Value of IT Industry is 106,229,623 Million Rials which is 2.36% of overall Net Value of TSE. Also the average P/E of the industry is 9.6 which is higher than overall P/E of TSE. This is because of the nature of computer related businesses which is growing rapidly and being in pace with the modern technology. Moreover, this companies are known as trustable stocks in TSE because of their continuous and safe annual growth.

Beside this, IT industry in Iran is still one of the newfound sectors and it is at the beginning of its growth curve. Regarding to this, it is expected to have a sharp growth in this industry, such as recent years, which turns this sector a potential investment opportunity for investors. Computer related industries basically changes rapidly by growth of technology and as a matter of this, they will need huge investments in their different parts to compete with their competitors. Moreover, these kinds of industries are supported by the government in different ways such as tax reduction and etc. and are one of the discussions centered points in negotiations between the countries in their official meetings. Because of these reasons, Investors could gain huge returns for investing in IT related companies of Iran.