When a large amount of money is needed for any enterprise, from building a factory to funding a corporation to drilling wells in a new oil field, that money is raised from investors-usually a large number of them. Commonly, the enterprise raises that money by either selling ownership shares in itself or simply borrowing it. When ownership is sold, the investor gets shares of stock. When money is borrowed, the investor gets bonds. Stocks and bonds are both securities. Investors buy and sell individual securities through brokers, also called securities dealers.

Additionally, mutual fund companies-and other so-called asset management firms-form funds, which consist of a variety of securities. The asset management company buys and sells the securities in a fund, seeking to maximize its value, and it sells shares in these funds to investors directly and through securities brokers.

According to TSE reports on performance of brokerage firms, trading value is about 10 billion dollar in the first half of the year 1394 which shows 46 percent decrease compare to same period last year. The ranking of Iran Brokerage Firms by their trading value in this period has shown: approximately 7/ 7 percent of trading value is done by Khobregan Saham. Mofid brokerage with 6/5 percent, Saba Tamin with 5/9 percent, Behgozin with 4 percent and Pasargad bank brokerage with 3/8 percent stays on the next ranks. On the other hand in the same period last year top 5 brokerages which had most trading value were Saba Tamin, Amin Avid, Hafez and Saderat Bank brokerage. This fact reveal that some borokerages losing their share in the capital market and some like Khobregan sham, Behgozin and Pasrgad Bank are trying to increase their shares. In the Online trading top 5 borkarege according to the trading value are Mofid, agriculture bank brokerage, Agah, Mobin Capital and Saderat Bank and in retail trading which is the most important trading contract for brokerages firms top 5 countries according to the value are Behgzin, Pasargad Bank, Pars Gostar Khebre, Saba Tamin and Agah.

Market value changes from83,974 million dollar at the end of 1393(march 2014) to 78,814 million dollar in September 2015 which means 6/1 percent decrease, on the other hand in the same period last year from March 2013 to September 2014 market value changes from 115,402 million dollar to 98,382 million dollar which shows 14/7 percent decrease.

There is 92 active mutual funds in capital market also there is 42 active fixed income funds and 16 hybrid funds in capital market in addition to this fact we have 104 active brokerage firm, 19 investment advisor, 8 asset management and 5 financial services.