CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group was founded in 1994 by 4 scientists in the field of medical biotechnology. The main priority of CinnaGen was to manufacture hi-tech products in biotechnology and related fields. CinnaGen`s main focus is on biosimilar medicines for immunology, infertility, hormonal disorders and cancer patients. The company invests 20% of its revenue in R&D annually. Now, CinnaGen produces different medicines such as CinnoVex, ReciGen (for MS disease), Reditox and PegaGen (for cancer disease), Cinnal-F and CinnaFact (for infertility disease), CinnoPar (for Osteoporosis disease), CinnoRA (for autoimmune). Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate was granted to CinnaGen by Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOH) of Iran. The company started to export its products by CinnoVex to Pakistan. CinnaGen has broadened its export bounders to Azerbaijan, Russia, Syria, Kazakhstan and Armenia. it has four different sites which are in accordance with GMP principals.

“Secretary-General of Iran-Turkey Commercial Council Jalal Ebrahimi declared that a major Iranian pharmaceutical company has signed a contract with a Turkish entity to produce medicine in the neighboring country “according to Financial Tribune newspaper . The cooperation will be in the form of a joint venture. CinnaGen is investing almost $100 million in this project in order to construct a pharmaceutical center in Turkey’s Tekirdag Industrial Park. The aim of this cooperation is to pave the way for exporting medicines to European and the Mediterranean countries. CinnaGen will procure all the required raw materials inside the country and the production process will be carried out in Turkey. As we discussed in Iran pharmaceutical industry overview , almost 96 percent of the medicine needed by Iranian patients, as well as 50% of the raw materials, are produced in the country and the rest is imported.

CinnaGen’s officials in Turkey and Ebn Sina Medical officials has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the export of medicines to Qatar. Under this MoU, CinnaGen will export medicines in the field of M.S, cancer, hematologic and other hard-to-cure diseases to Qatar through Turkey. Ebn Sina Medical has a 50 percent share in Qatar medical market. Through this MoU, CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group undertook to supply more than 40 hi-tech medicines for Qatari patients from its production sites based in Iran and Turkey. According to Farhat Farsi, CEO of CinnaGen, production will start in Turkey’s company this year. CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group is licensed by EU’s GMP and is the largest and most reliable knowledge-based company in the country’s pharmaceutical industry. The group accounts for 30% of Iran’s total pharmaceutical export share.

Sanctions have forced Iran to found a substantial, self-sufficient medicine production infrastructure. More than 140 pharmaceutical company are active in the country. Iran’s biotechnology capabilities are improving. It is among the world’s leading nations in stem-cell research and has a considerable infrastructure of related facilities, e.g. for plasmapheresis (blood plasma treatment). Post-JCPOA conditions is an appropriate opportunity to connect with other countries across world in order to export medicines and share technologies in a more effective way.